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How to Deadhead Petunias: The Ultimate Guide Learning how to deadhead petunias is essential if you want a vibrant p

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There is no precise way of answering the question; how long does celery last? However, the answer lies in the storage mode. The date and period this vegetable last vary on how you store it. All the methods are cold because you cannot leave it over the counter. If it gets warm, you will notice that it loses its crunch and crispness. If you want to maximize celery’s shelf life, you need to enhance the way you are storing it. Many individuals prefer storing it whole, in a wrapped, damp paper towel. You will then have to wrap it in the aluminum foil before keeping it in the refrigerator.

The other choice is storing it in a sealed plastic bag. Plastic vessels have the right design for keeping celery fresh. Why should you use aluminum foil? Celery starts going bad when it releases the ripening hormone called ethylene. The foil will allow ethylene to get out while plastic bags will hold these hormones within the bag. Using the foil is recommended because it stops celery from losing its crunchy properties and over ripening. If you keep it for several weeks, you will have to cut off the leaves and base before wrapping it in the aluminum foil.

When you want to freeze your celery, you will start by cleaning the stalks thoroughly and cut them into one and a half inches. You will have to place the chopped pieces of celery in boiling water for about three minutes. You will have to transfer them into the cold water quickly. This process is called blanching. The cooking process stops immediately the celery gets into the cold water. Draining the cold water afterward will enhance moisture content of the stalks. If you want to get the best result, you will have to keep the moist stalks in an airtight vessel and freeze with immediate effect.

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