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Advice for setting up edible garden in my backyard

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 11:27 PM

Dear all,

I wish to setup an edible garden in my nice sunny backyard, had been surfing around for information on how to get started but am quite lost. I have abt 8sqm of land that I'm zoning out for my edible garden and a 8m long fencing at the side which I thought of growing edible creepers and a small vertical herb garden.

Being a novice to gardening, I am not sure what I can grow and how to grow for starters. Was thankful to Dr Mallick of Singapore Hydroponics who managed to squeeze out some time to have a short discussion with me despite his busy schedule. After reading abit here & there, this is what I have in mind but not sure how far apart I should grow them, what's the lifespan, how to sow the seeds, etc. hope the gurus here can give me some advice :

Edible creepers:
cherry tomatoes x3 (40cm apart), jap cucumbers x 3 (30cm apart), long bean x 2 (10cm), ( what else that's suitable & easy for beginners I can try? Pumpkin? Sweet potato? Sweet peas (snap peas)? Brinjal? )

Vege plots (~8m2):
Caixin (how many can grow and how far apart?)
Sweet corn
Lady's fingers (Okra)
Kang kong
Chilli padi
Sweet basil (is this Thai Basil? What's the difference between Lemon, Thai and Sweet basil if not?)
Bayam (spinach)
Lavender (possible?)
Cabbage (which type can grow here? Wong bok?)
Spring onion
Chinese coriander
Arugula (rocket) possible?
Lettuce (iceberg and bitter head possible?)
Any other suggestions? Broccoli? Cauliflower? Radish? Beetroot? Carrot?
Is it possible to grow rock melon and water melon here?

Vertical herbs
Wheat grass?
Not sure what else to grow or what I can move from the ground up to this vertical garden..

This is the grand idea I have. My aim is to be self sufficient in vegetables in future. Am I being too ambitious? Which should I start with as a beginner?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 11:33 PM

8 sqm and you want to be self sufficient? I think not possible.

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Posted 30 March 2015 - 10:56 AM

Hi Slinky, it sounds like your project is going to be great fun! Some plants are definitely more difficult than others. Do a search on this forum and you should be able to read about other members' experiences on most of the things on your list.
Personally, my priority would be to put in a few things first which I know will be easy to grow and give me a decent harvest within a short time. If you plant a lot of fruit vegetables, there's plenty of risk of not getting fruit and many of these are large plants. It's no fun having a garden full of huge ugly plants you can't eat, after all the hard work you put in.
You can't go wrong with basil, mint, lemongrass, ginger (not a small plant)', spring onion (you cannot grow onion bulbs here, just the green part). Herbs like rosemary and lavender are much more frustrating since they are dry cool weather plants. Root vegetables like carrots are definitely cool weather crops. Tomatoes, eggplant and lettuce attract loads of pests. Some of these plants will need shade cloth if your plot is in full sun. Some of these plants so better in hydroponics systems.
Having said all that, part of the fun is trying out new things so go ahead and do it! Nothing tastes better than home grown food. If you need tomato seeds, let me know, I have some to spare.

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Posted 30 March 2015 - 02:54 PM

Start with a few types of edibles (maximum 10) and choose the quick to mature-and-harvest edibles the first round.

For the fence: 3 cucumber vines and at least 10 long bean vines (the latter will ensure you get to harvest enough pods to cook one plate of long beans every week).
The above vines will only last around 6 months before they become less productive.

For the vegetable plot (8m2 isn't big)
Grow at least 8 lady's finger plants, kangkong, sweet potato leaves, bayam, sweet basil.

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Posted 04 April 2015 - 11:38 AM

Read up on the previous GCS posts n u prob will have a good idea as to how to start your garden. Prepare your soil properly with compost, chick dung n bone meal so that your plants will have a good foundation.
Grow the vegs that u like to eat. I find leafy vegs a challenge to grow in the ground unless u install netting. Vines like cucumbers, long beans n bitter gourds r easy to grow. Must cover cucumbers n bitter gourds fruits with newspapers to prevent damage by pests. Lemon grass, Pandan, chives r all easy to grow plants.

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