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Ficus 1/2 Airlayering works

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Posted 22 February 2015 - 05:07 PM

I sliced off the bark on the opposite end of my Fig plant. Then I wrapped PERLITE and VERMICULITE MIX (50:50) over
the exposed area.


I then poured in SEASOL at 2ml / liter onto the mix and then I secured the bag.

I then used another plastic bag to COVER the top area as a rain cover.


After 1 month the roots emerge and I can cut the branch off and pot the fig



* When potting a new rooted fig cutting or any other plant, you need to allow time for the roots to
establish itself in the new soil. So I SNIPPED OFF THE LEAF in HALF (NOT CUT OFF THE LEAVES) OR
Cut the leaf off at the leaf stalk next to the foliage.

If you cut off the leaves, the plant will re-generate new ones and this will weaken the plant
as it cannot take nutrients from the roots yet.

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