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My Little Plot of Gold let me take you along my journey

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Posted 20 December 2014 - 09:18 PM

Sup guys,

Short update. Crocosmia lucifer gonna burst into bloom.http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r721/glenntjh/bulbs/20141219_112649_zpspjc7t01o.jpg



Glenn Nantakarn

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Posted 18 January 2015 - 10:46 AM


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Posted 07 February 2016 - 06:16 PM


Hey guys, I’m finally back haha. Sorry for the long hiatus, last year was a really super hectic year for me, cus it was J1 and it was super new environment and almost four times the workload as compared to the RI secondary side. I was practically failing everything and anything, except GP and Chinese, but the main four for my BCMG subject combi (Bio, Chem, Math, Geog), well, let’s just say I managed to achieve straight Us. So I was really super busy studying and training for canoeing (my really super hardcore CCA, but I really love it) and getting my whole life together and it was super stressful. Had to see the councillor at year end cus of my shitty grades and my stress, but this year I’m really better. Hopefully, I guess?
But yea, so as last year was super busy for me and due to my bad time management, I had absolutely 0 time for my garden, and thus, all my plants went into survival mode. My whole garden was practically all over the place; Dahlberg daisies had set 100000000 seeds and were springing out from places I never knew existed; periwinkles had shrivelled up, leaving their bare stems and rolled leaves as a sign of severe neglect; all the bulbous plants like oxalis, rainlilies, lycoris, etc.. had gone dormant underground and were virtually lost; morning glories had sent numerous new suckers and were sprawling all over the place, their blue, pink, white or red flowers, though an impressive sight, taking over the whole plot and were even harassing my neighbours plot. Everything was in a huge mess.
So, thankfully for the holidays last year, I managed to remodel my whole plot in November and then throughout the hols. Removed the super invasive Blue Morning Glory and replaced it with a better behaved climbing White Iceberg Rose. Also, scattered some bulbs like rainlily, bloodlily, gingers, oxalis and orchid all over the plot so they look more natutalistic I guess. So here it is:
So here, I numbered them so you can see the plants that I planted, cus now they look like a green blob when not in flower haha. ALso, the blue numbers are bulbs that i planted, but are covered by the foliage of other plants as they are still dormant.
1- Zephyranthes rosea (Pink rainlily)
2- Sedum mexicanum (Mexican stonecrop)
3- Portulaca amilis var Puerto Rican Hot Pink
4- Thymophylla tenuiloba (Dalhberg daisy)
5- Help ID? (purple leaved plant)
6- Rosa ‘climbing iceberg’
7- Help ID? (mini pink rose)
8- Crossostephium chinense (Chinese wormwood)
9- Portulalca oleraca cultivar
10- Portulaca oleraca cultivar
11- Portulaca grandiflora
12- Mini coleus
13- Euphorbia Milii x variegated (Crown of thorns, variegated)
14- Cosmos ‘cosmic red’
15- Angelonia augustiflora
16- Help ID (some pink cluster rose)
17- Commelina tuberosa (tuberous blue dayflower)
18- Ruellia brittoniana ‘purple showers’ (Mexican petunia)
19- Eulophia graminea (grass orchid)
20- Scandoxus multiflorus (Blood lily)
21- Curcuma alismatifolia (Siamese tulip, ginger lily)
Heres the view from the other side. You can see the mini coleus surrounding the variegated crown of thorns has really spread like crazy. I love the beautiful colouration of its leaves, but boy, it sure is a super fast growing plant. We prune it every two weeks or so, but it only grows back bushier… time to hard prune it I guess….. Also, the tuberous day flowers are gonna burst into bloom! So excited!
Here’s a closeup of a small portion of the plot. The Dahlberg daisies are really fragrant when you brush their leaves. They have sorta a really herby smell lol I can’t describe it. But also, here you can see the mini rose flowers and someone please help me ID it hahaha. I love this rose as it never stops flowering and the plant is always covered in their dainty pink flowers.
Here you can see how the cosmos ‘cosmic red’ produces orange flowers rimmed with red on the first day, but turns bright red on the second! Also, one of the orchids have decided to send out a flower stalk while the rest of the bulbs are busy sending out leafy shoots. It is an oddball. Also, I think its producing a fruit? But idk can anyone teach me how to germinate eulphia orchid seeds? Cus I read somewhere that orchids are super difficult to plant from seeds so I am not too sure about it hahaha.
Anyway, happy CNY guys!

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 11:17 PM

Commelina Tuberosa

Hey all, my Commelinas finally burst into flower! Really happy with the vivid bright blue flowers! They are really striking from far and make a really beautiful ground cover for a gardener that wants really fast and quick results.
The plant itself grows to about 30 cm tall? I mean thats the height it usually gets to before it flops over and then sprawls all over the ground. It is a very vigorous grower that prefers wet soils for it to grow to its full potential. I have two patches, one at the part that water usually puddles and collects when it rains, another at a really dry region of the plot as my plot is slanted, and the one at the drier region has narrower leaves and is less floriferous, whereas the plant grown in the soil that is wetter produced wide deep green leaves and flowered heavily.
Commelina tuberosa has really vivid electric blue flowers that are about an inch across. Flowers are borne at the end of long stems from leafy, hairy speckled bracts. Multiple bracts are produced on each flowering stalk, so the plant never fails to be covered in their bluish flowers at any point in time after reaching maturity, which is about 3 weeks if you grow them from cuttings.
So, I guess starting from now, when I do a plant file, I’ll rank and rate each plant based on their upsides and downsides, and also do some recommendations for you guys so you all can get a better idea whether this plant is suited for your conditions or for you as a garderner.
The positive aspects of this plant include:
 Fast growing (plants grow about 2cm a day not even kidding)
 Groundcover
 Flowering in less than 3 weeks
 Suited for wet to water-logging soils (the wetter the better)
 Does not need fertilizing
 Plants can be easily propagated by cuttings or seed
 Flowers daily
 Heavy bloomer
 Easily removed due to weak root system
However, due to its rapid growth, this plant really has its drawbacks:
× Needs regular trimming to keep it in its allocated space
× Invasive
× Produces numerous seeds from its bracts that produce many new plants
× Sends out tons of side shoots, runners too
× Plants tend to root from leaf nodes
× Needs plenty of water to bloom well
× Flowers are very thin and get damaged from strong winds, jets of water, touching
× Flowers close when there is no sunlight
So, in conclusion, if you have a big space OR can contain this plant (e.g. plant it in an individual pot), this is definitely a plant for you. Place it in a place that gets the most sunshine as possible, and the most water as possible. It does NOT like dry soils or rich soils like compost, so plant them in like your average soils and give them adequate sunshine and water and they will bloom floriferosly for you . Also, the thing about these plants is that they are called DAYflower for a reason, which means they flower only during the day. For me, I actually realize that the flowers only last for about 5-8 hours max, opening at 7 and closing in the afternoon. Also, if you’re a lazy garderner, this plant is definitely not for you as it is pretty invasive (if you don’t control it). But that being said, it is extremely floriferous plant and will reward you with plenty of flowers daily, as flowers are borne in succession. Also, the plant itself does has little requirements apart from the watering, so it pretty much can grow anywhere moderately wet to waterlogged. And also, their exotically shaped eclectic blue flowers are always a statement in the garden and are bound to catch people’s eyes.
Happy gardening!

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Posted 11 February 2016 - 11:04 AM

Haha looks like you've been busy with taking good care of your plot!

Your mini coleus somehow gives your plot a clean and uniform look, very nice :greenthumb:/>

That Angelonia augustiflora looks way less messy than a balsam plant too haha.

And that rose, no problems with rust/mildew/thrips/mites?!

Don't worry about the U's in J1 man. I barely scrapped through with a conditional promotion (had to drop econs from H2 to H1) when I was in JC last time. Just make sure you start on your Ten Year Series very early, and write your workings down and file them up for future reference. Plan your time so that you'll be able to do the same TYS 3-4 times before the A levels hit you.

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