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Koh Keng Hoe Orchid Nursey Clearance

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Posted 20 April 2015 - 03:12 PM

Hi BoonBoon,

Thanks for your advice! I got 2 plants from him before, both as u described on cocohusk but with 2 pseudobulbs. One did not make it while the other is doing quite well. The one that did not make it is I think Dend Margeret Something Yong Hui and the one that is surviving quite well is Dend Gatton Sunray. I am staying in HDB and get morning sun along my corridor for 1/2 the year. The other half year the sun is blocked by the new lift platform that was built.

Can I ask why you say cocohusk not suitable for HDB? Based on my results its like 50-50 so far. Also what medium do you recommend for HDB growing then?

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Posted 20 April 2015 - 04:38 PM

I guess he still grows them on slices of cocohusk that appears to be freshly harvested from the fruit, right? These slices do not absorb water well and is too dry for the orchids to produce roots expecially in HDB flats where the relative humidity is low like 50%. However these economical substrates work well for him as he grows his orchids outdoors with heavy rainfall and high relative humiidty. As the husk dries up very fast, it provides just the right amount of moisture for his orchids giving ample time for the velamen layer of the roots to return the excess water back to the atmosphere before they turn green during the next rainfall. However, cocohusks when cut into cubes provide good substrate for orchids in flats as it holds water longer than charcoal. However I would only use them with meshed pots unless you are confident they will be bone dry by the third day within the confines of the pot or root rots will surface.

I use 100% charocal for most orchids except the moisture loving ones where I use coconut fibre cubes. However I soak the coco cubes three times before using them which is a kind of hazzle for me. Thus I only use these coco cubes sparingly. Lately I find 100% charcoal is too dry for my Cattleya and Dendrobium orchids. To save cost, I top up with a thin layer or moss and it works well for them. I also stay in HDB and my balcony receives morning sun. The sun however shifts its direction from Nov - Apr. There is still some sun but only for an hour or two. Thus I grow the shade loving ones at the back.

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