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Begonia Chlorostica

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Posted 02 June 2016 - 02:25 AM

Hello, I'm not from Singapore, but found this board via a recommendation as I'm having trouble growing Begonia chlorosticta. This is my 2nd attempt (I had the first one out in the open and it got too dry, so I moved it to an enclosed glass and it melted). After doing fine for a few weeks (after it was shipped to me) this second one is suddenly wilting and dropping leaves.

About its conditions:
  • It has been under a cloche since I got it, almost a month ago. Yesterday, it dropped a couple of leaves. The seller suggested the cloche may have been too tight/not enough air flow, so I moved it to a mini greenhouse that would still keep humidity in but is more spacious.
  • The greenhouse consistently stays at ~85% humidity and temperature stays around 75° F / ~ 24° C. The room is only around 50% - 70% humidity, so it has to stay enclosed for higher levels.
  • Some hours after moving it, it went limp/wilty.
  • It's getting med/low indirect light in this spot.
  • I haven't moved it out of the moss it's been growing in, nor watered it. It has stayed moist the entire time.

Here's a before photo while it was in the cloche; it was beautiful:


Hope someone can help!
And after, black and white because the lighting is bad, when I moved it to the greenhouse:


The hygrometer is showing 45 - 93% over 24 hours because it hadn't reset yet. The real range is more like 80% - 90%.

Here's a similar mini greenhouse for reference:

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