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Feature Article for January 2006
Research & Pictures by Tan Boon Kiat
Online on 6 January 2006


Most of the Chinese New Year plants that we buy can be divided into 5 sections below. Click on them to assess them directly:

(direct sun)

List of


Temperate Flowers
(bright indirect light - direct sun)

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:


(Bright indirect light)

List of Bulbs:


Fruit Plants
(direct sun to semi shade)

List of Fruit Plants:


Cut Flowers

List of Cut Flowers:


Most of them are buy and throw plants except for a handful that are usually discarded after Chinese New Year when their blooming period is over. It is difficult to achieve their prime again since most of these plants are annuals or seasonal plants forced by chemicals or grown under controlled greenhouse conditions before they are exported to Singapore for sale. I will introduce some Chinese New Year plants, their selection tips, price range, flowering duration, etc to act as a reference when you shop for your favourite plants in the forthcoming weeks. Hopefully they will bring you weeks of joy, happiness, colour and prosperity during the Year of the Dog on 29 January 2006. I have also included a rating scale from 1 (Plants with a challenge) to 3 (Easy to grow) on their care when you bring them home.

Care for plants after flowering can be very different and will be dealt with under the 'After flowering' heading. A rating scale is shown below:

1 (Plants with a challenge)
2 (Plants Needing Care)
3 (Easy to grow)


Boon Kiat would like to thank the following nurseries for allowing him to take pictures of their plants:

(a) Far East Flora Pte Ltd
(b) World Farm Co Pte Ltd
(c) Pioneer Garden Services
(d) Ji Mei Flower Pte Ltd
(e) Hawaiian Landscape
(f) SPA Pte Ltd
(g) Candy Greenhouse and Flowers Pte Ltd
(h) Island Landscape and Nursery Pte Ltd
(i) Woon Leng Nursery


All information provided in this article is the result of research using the following publications:

§ The Ultimate Book of Flowers for New Zealand Gardeners by David Bateman
§ A-Z Gardening Series : Shrubs for Bed and Border by Stirling Macoboy
§ A-Z Gardening Series : Perennials for Bed and Border by Stirling Macoboy
§ A-Z Gardening Series : Annuals for Bed and Border by Stirling Macoboy
§ The A~Z of Gardening in South Africa by W.G. Sheat



(try reading what are the Chinese characters depicted by the bonsai)

Boon Kiat would like to wish all Green Culture Singapore members:

Also to all nurseries and other enterprises:


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